Banderas bay

Whoever said you can’t have everything in life never visited Banderas Bay. Never enjoyed the tropical climate, its biodiversity, the birds, dolphins, whales, turtles, beaches, its people, its gastronomy and its postcards with many of the most magical and colorful sunsets in the world.

It has great value in fulfilling practically all the attributes that the personality of a complete motivational and geographical destination can offer.

From north to south it starts from Punta de Mita, one of the most outstanding micro-destinations and which has taken great hold of Riviera Nayarit and to the south passing through consolidated Puerto Vallarta to Cabo Corrientes. Historically the bay began to position itself with commercial activity from 1851 and Puerto Vallarta would be officially declared a city until 1918. The airline Mexicana de Aviación inaugurated its Guadalajara-Puerto Vallarta flight on November 11, 1954. With this flight connectivity managed to attract the attention of Hollywood celebrities like Liz Taylor and Richard Burton who after filming the legendary movie «Night of the Iguana» established their residence in the destination which paid off their fame as favorites not only for vacations but also for acquiring a property for retirement, for living full time or as a second home and staying most of the year.

According to the conclusion of the experts that met in Sweden for the «Conference on Information Technologies in Tourism» in 2018, the attributes of a destination define the relationship between the way of understanding it, living it and visiting it. Fortunately the bay qualifies with a perfect balance between all of them.

Recreational. It has the tranquility of contact with nature, landscapes, hiking, bird watching, humpback whales that visit us year after year, swimming with dolphins or sea lions, surfing on the beaches of Sayulita or Punta de Mita and activities for the whole family.

If we talk about golf, the destination has become a favorite with world-class golf courses designed by great professionals and legends of the sport, such as Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Jim Lipe, Percy Clifford and Robert Von Hagge & Baril.

Another attraction that has become an emblem of the area is the «Hidden Beach» also known as «Love Beach» in the Marietas Islands, whose formation has precisely everyone in love.

Islas Marietas – Playa del Amor

Adventure. There are tour companies that guide experiences for people of all ages who are looking for water sports, diving, parachuting and other extreme sports.

History and culture. The bay has the typical attributes of a Mexican town, the wealth of Huichol / Wirrarika culture, city tours, markets, food and crafts stands that highlight the advantage of having its mountains and at the same time the prominence of the beaches.

Art and fashion are part of the spirit of the destination with the great number of galleries and artists that have chosen this place as their home. On the other hand, the high gastronomy is a distinctive feature of this destination, with the best chefs worldwide, and every year it hosts international gastronomic festivals such as the International Gourmet Festival and the Vallarta-Nayarit Gastronomy Festival, which feed the cosmopolitan journey.

The best specialists and hospitals with the latest technology are found in health issues in such a way that it not only represents a benefit for those who live full time but also for a sector of tourism called «Health Tourism».

No less important is to talk about diversity and inclusion. All residents and visitors feel welcome regardless of origin, religion, sexual orientation or skin color, the message is clear, all human beings are equal.

The consumer researches online, asks for references, evaluates and compares so without a doubt the offer of sites of interest and the attributes listed refer to nature and landscapes, walking, cycling, beaches, golf, marinas and their water sports at a professional or sport level as to mention some fishing, sailing, navigation, surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing even practices such as skydiving are perfectly covered.
Other factors such as cost and lifestyle in the bay, gastronomy, sports, housing and vacation offers, commercial area, nightlife and entertainment are main values to evaluate in a world where the consumer is increasingly informed.

We can observe a contrast between the attributes of tourism on a larger scale and the attributes related to a first class destination perfectly balanced to make everyone happy from the search for a lifestyle of luxury and comfort, exotic, adventurous to more peaceful and restful.

Government, hoteliers and businessmen of the destination related to the tourism, business and real estate sectors have joined together in a joint effort to offer diversity in the hospitality offer among resorts and hotels with or without beachfront, to offer solutions so that the consumer can find the option with the most similar attributes and to guarantee comfort, security, value and sustainability.

Equally important is the benefit for those who decide to invest in a property to live full-time, retirement or second home.

The best references for exploring and planning a visit to the bay can be found in the sites and social networks of Riviera Nayarit and Visit PuertoVallarta.

In the real estate field, the bay is organized by the regulation of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals by its acronym AMPI in three chapters that concentrate the professionalization of the promotion and sale of Real Estate. AMPI ensures that each agent has the knowledge to provide advice and accompany investors in the sales process under the same code of ethics. Choosing a real estate agent affiliated to AMPI is a guarantee of having the best service.

To be clear, what makes Banderas Bay unique is that you can find everything in one place, it is one of the most complete lifestyle destinations for vacationing, investing or living.